Income Tax Filing in Mesa

income tax filing mesa

Maximize Your Personal Income Tax Return

With the help of a professional tax accountant, you will get the most out of your personal income tax return. In general, there are numerous deductions that people neglect to deduct on personal income tax filings. These commonly forgotten expenses include childcare, medical expenses, educational tuition, among others. M&M Accounting is familiar with numerous strategies and specific deductions to help optimize your chances of receiving the maximum tax refund.

Income Tax Filing Inquiries

Many individuals have questions regarding what they can and cannot claim during personal income tax preparation. Such inquiries include questions about expenses, claims, or reductions. You may wonder if you can claim cosmetic surgery as a medical expense or whether you should consider capital gains in your income. Questions like these can make income tax filing a tortuous task. With the help of an experienced tax accountant in Mesa, one of our knowledgeable team members will answer these questions with your best interest in mind. Our tax preparation team can address any concerns you may have regarding tax preparation.

Tax Preparation Checklist

Even if M&M does not manage your personal accounts, we are happy to provide income tax preparation services to all. Before we begin the filing process, it is important that you possess all necessary documentation. The following checklist can be helpful before tax preparation:
  • Identification: Ensure that you have all personal identification details, including your tax ID number or social security number. Have the same information for your spouse or dependents.
  • Income Documents: Collect any employment documents such as W-2 or 1099 forms. A 1099 form would be necessary if you received unemployment or are self-employed. Be sure to find records of any retirement income, rental income, dividends, or any other income.
  • Detailed Records of Deductions: Should you plan to make any deductions, you will need tax filing proof. Have receipts for medical expenses, donations, educational expenses, and any other deductible expenses.

State vs. Federal Tax Filing

You may be required to prepare taxes on both the state and federal levels. In all cases, you will be required to file federal taxes; however, not everyone is obligated to file state taxes. The requirement to do so depends on your state of residence and/or state of employment. Our team of knowledgeable accounts can advise you regarding what you are required to do.

Your Mesa Accountants At M&M Accounting

We are proud to offer high-quality tax filing services to the Arizona area. No matter the complexity of your deductions or income, our team is prepared to provide you with customized tax preparation services. Should you require business tax preparation in addition to your personal filings, we can certainly assist with that as well. With a qualified team of accountants, M&M Accounting can guide you through the ever-changing tax filing process. Our staff is pleased to alleviate the frustration or burden of income tax filing. Please reach out to our team to begin your personal income tax preparation today.

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