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tax preparation services mesa

Things to Know Before Tax Preparation

Even when enlisting the help of a Mesa professional for tax preparation services, you may need to do some pre-filing planning. If you already have a bookkeeper or accountant, they can provide you with all the necessary records. Consider the following preparation guide:

Separate Business and Personal Transactions: Ideally, your business and personal finances should never mix, but if you have not separated accounts, it's critical to do so sooner rather than later. Our knowledgeable accountants in Mesa can help facilitate this division if you have not done so already. It's crucial to keep all expenses and income in separate areas to streamline the tax process.

Business Information: You must have all business information prior to tax preparation. Know what type of business entity you own (for example, sole proprietor, LLC, Corps, or non-profit). Have your legal business name, registered agent, EIN, and any other pertinent information.

Collect Documents: Gather all business transaction records. These include expenses as well as income. Your bookkeeper can provide you with a detailed description of transactions. If you have not been consistent with bookkeeping, your Mesa business could be at risk for financial repercussions. Getting your books in order before tax preparation is essential to avoid audits or hefty penalty fees. Consider a professional bookkeeping service to help. They will ensure that you do not overlook any expenses contributing to tax deductions and save your small business funds.

Employment Records: Ensure that all employment records are up to date. Confirm correct addresses on file for any business employees in addition to tax withholding forms. It's important to have detailed records of employee wages, any reported tips, and pension payments. Your bookkeeping records should have all the facts.

Determine Your Deadlines or Extensions: Filing deadlines for your small business may depend on your entity type. The deadline for preparation and business tax filing may be March 15th, whereas some small businesses can file until April 15th. Additionally, a filing extension can be requested if needed. Your business must file this extension prior to your original deadline. CPA or accountant preparing your taxes can determine if these are necessary and can complete the required paperwork to do so.

Gather Necessary Forms: Depending on how your company is defined in Mesa, you may need unique forms. Your state Tax & Revenue Department should have all updated documentation available online, in addition to the IRS website. Forms change frequently; therefore, it's important that you have the most current form to avoid penalty. When working with an accounting agency, we will access the correct documents for you based on your residence and business type.

Consequences of Inaccurate Tax Preparation

Should you fail to prepare your taxes correctly or on time, you could face punishment. Failure to complete taxes by the deadline may result in late penalty fees. If you are expecting a refund, the government could withhold a portion of or your entire refund. Incorrect tax preparation may result in a tax audit whereby the IRS verifies all reported income. If the IRS discovers unlawful reports, you could even end up behind bars. Trusted tax preparation services will ensure that you remain in good standing. Avoid costly repercussions with the help of M&M Accounting.

Business Tax Preparation You Can Trust

Enjoy peace of mind that your small business is under the care of tax experts. Given the complex forms and details required for tax preparation, most small businesses enlist an accounting firm’s help to prepare their taxes. The professional team at M&M Accounting will analyze your business structure to increase your profitability. Reach out to M&M Accounting for quality tax preparation services.

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