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7 Ways to Verify you have a Reliable Tax Preparer

As a small business owner or individual that is looking for tax preparation services in Mesa, finding one that is reliable and trustworthy can be a challenge. How are reputable tax preparers differentiated from the ones to avoid? Let’s review several key factors to keep in mind when hiring an accountant for tax preparation.

Look For Relevant Qualifications

Only trust your information with a certified public accountant, licensed attorney, an enrolled agent, or a tax preparer in Mesa that has passed the IRS’s annual filing season program. The IRS offers a helpful directory of federal tax return preparers with credentials every client should be looking for.

Ask For Their PTIN

Any tax preparer paid for their work must provide a Preparer Tax Identification Number or PTIN. There are volunteer tax preparers who work pro bono and are not required to have a PTIN though many do carry them.

Check For Reviews and Official Standing

Check local business listings or the Better Business Bureau to establish a picture of how the tax preparer in Mesa operates. Official repositories will record any official disciplinary action or verification of credentials.

If individuals or businesses are looking to hire an enrolled agent, verify their enrollment status on the website. For Certified Public Accountants, it would be appropriate to check with the State Board. When consulting an attorney for any service, including tax preparation in Mesa, verify their standing with the State Bar Association.

Do They Answer Email or Phone Contacts?

It is essential that a tax preparer is a trusted partner in one’s financial life. Verify their availability via call and email or their preferred communication channel. Ensure that they are available if any issues or questions arise in the future.

Inquire About Their Pricing and Fees

If one encounters a tax preparer in Mesa who makes unrealistic promises of bigger refunds, these firms should be avoided at all costs. The same is true if they base their fees on a certain percentage of the projected refund amount. These are a sure sign of unlawful practices at worst and questionable operations at best.

Do They Offer Online Filing?

Filing online is one of the fastest ways to move through the tax preparation process and ensure the return is submitted as quickly as possible. Check with tax preparers to see if they offer online filing to avoid any potential delays as well as operate with sustainability in mind.

Ensure They Are Thorough

A tax preparer who is qualified and good at their job will always ask to see detailed taxpayer records and receipts. They will engage in deep questioning to get a clear picture of each client’s income, deductions, credits, and overall financial history.

Call A Reliable Tax Preparer

At M&M Accounting LLC, our tax preparers in Mesa are highly qualified and properly credentialed. Don’t Risk delays, improper filing, or the potential financial ramifications of working with an unreliable tax preparer. Call today for a consultation!

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