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Five Reasons to Hire a Tax Preparer

What was filing taxes last year like for you? Was it a breeze to sift through your W-2s, or were frantically grabbing at every 1099 you could find?

If you can relate to the latter experience, it may be time to look into tax preparation services in Mesa, AZ. Certified experts can streamline the process for you, saving you money, time, and so much more.

Read on to discover the top 5 reasons to hire a tax preparer.

1. You’re a Freelancer, a Business Owner, or You’re Managing Your Own Retirement.

If you work for yourself or do a significant amount of gig work on the side, taxes can be a tall mountain to climb. With the help of a tax professional, they can identify tax write-offs and other complicated policies that get you the highest tax return possible.

Additionally, as a self-employed person, you may be managing your retirement. Any adult will tell you that it’s imperative to start planning your retirement as early as possible, and to start investing as early as possible. When it comes to investing, tapping a tax preparer can help you self-direct what to invest your hard earned money into to secure your future peace of mind.

2. A Tax Preparer Can Save You Money and Time.

Everybody loves getting a fantastic tax return–and a savvy tax preparer can help make that happen. Tax professionals can eyeball your records for potential deductions and credits you may have missed, which could result in a significantly higher tax return–they can also help correct any mistakes that could lead to costly audits or fees down the line and review your past filings for further savings. Additionally, having a professional complete your taxes means you can save that time for yourself, and in today’s economy: time is money.

3. Tax Professionals Can Help You Plan for Your Future

DIY tax expertise can only go so far: at the end of the day, when you’re facing real-life tax issues with big consequences, having the advice of a professional is necessary. While the IRS is an excellent resource to turn to when you have questions, they’re not as available as hiring tax preparation services in Mesa, AZ.

A professional can help you prepare your finances for your next big life changes. Instead of making your eyes cross staring down complicated tax codes, get the advice of an experienced tax accountant.

4. You’re Planning a Big Life Change

You may be in a situation where the last few years have been lucrative for you–either personally or professionally–and you’re planning on one of the following big life changes:
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a house
  • Leasing a rental
  • Getting married
  • Having a child
  • You’re going back to (or starting) school

All of these situations have different tax codes that a tax professional can help you sift through. Real estate investments can be complex, and tax preparers are skilled at locating what deductions you could claim. Similarly, they can help you plan for your future child to attend college.

5: You Can Reduce the Likelihood of an Audit

The tiniest mistake can have significant ramifications on your taxes. If the IRS contacts you, it’s recommended to speak with a tax professional as soon as possible. Aprofessional certified in tax preparation services in Mesa, AZ can help you resolve and avoid any further trouble.

Additionally, if you’re facing an audit, employing a tax preparer is the best way to ensure it goes smoothly.

The Takeaway

Taxes are stressful, complicated, and carry serious ramifications if done incorrectly. Hiring a tax preparer is an affordable way to make sure you come out of this next tax season successfully.

More questions? Contact a member of our team and let us know how we can help resolve your tax issues.

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